About Peirson Financial Services, LLC

Peirson Financial Services’ mission is to help people achieve their aspirations through a straight forward and honest financial approach.

Client Centered

We work with select groups of families and businesses across the country overseeing and coordinating their financial affairs so they may have confidence in pursuing their goals. We do this very carefully, by first making a thorough assessment of the clients’ financial state of affairs and see if there is anything that we can assist with. Next, we profile everyone to see if there are going to be a good fit, so we can being build a relationship of trust, as we become your trusted wealth advisor. In the course of your relationship our goal is to provide straight forward advice in the ever changing and complex financial markets so you can address your goals and realize your dreams.

As President and CEO, Jonathan began his financial career in 2004, he is a graduate of Wright State University earning a Bachelor degree majoring in Financial Service. In addition, Jonathan has earned the distinguished designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Personally, Jonathan grew up near the small rural town of Saint Paris, Ohio. Presently he resides in West Chester area near Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Dana and dog Olive.

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